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Business Directory - Professionisti Federico Cervellini Director of Corporate Affairs per MBM Group   
  • Nome e Cognome:Federico Cervellini
  • Azienda di appartenenza: MBM Group
  • Funzione ricoperta: Director of Corporate Affairs per MBM Group
  • Città: Dubai
  • Canali online: Sito Web Federico Cervellini

Duties and responsibilities exerted by Federico Cervellini

The activities conducted by Federico Cervellini start from the security industry, then he developed business skills, marketing and public relations that allowed him to gain the role of Director of Corporate Affairs in the UAE.

The first steps taken by Federico Cervellini on his career path

Federico Cervellini, born in 1974 in the Republic of San Marino, attended high school in the near region of Emilia-Romagna, then he began his professional career in the security sector. Between 1998 and 2003, in the early part of his working life, he made his debut in the international business field, working for stores and renowned personalities from the entertainment world. In 2004, he reached important professional goals, managing to raise the bar and improving the quality of the services he offered: he was working for more prominent clients, such as renowned fashion houses and luxury brands of international scope and also multinational companies, most of them operating in the technology area. Standing out as Security Manager, he kept on dealing with this activity until 2007. In 2005, moreover, he started his business as an entrepreneur, founding the company Palazzo Guidi 1556 together with other associates: a stylish location, surrounded by rolling Italian hills near the seaside town of Rimini and designed to host weddings and all kinds of special events. It offers catering and banqueting services, too and its wide dehors are at their best during the spring or the summer season. Federico Cervellini dealt with the marketing, sales and public relations side of the job, in order to develop the company's business, managing to conquer a very high level of expertise and accuracy, so that similar companies reached out to him to ask for his professional support and services. Being careful of his professional education, Federico Cervellini always dedicated himself to improve his career skills, attending qualifying courses: in 2002 he completed the course in fast driving for armored vehicles and also the Advanced Self-Defense course, both link to the security field. He also sharpened his skills in commercial and business development thanks to the Marketing Course he attended in 2004.

Federico Cervellini and the professional evolution he experienced

In 2009, Federico Cervellini decided to further improve his skills and moved to the United Arab Emirates, where he worked on behalf of the members of the royal family, dealing with personal tasks management and safety duties. Living at first in the city of Abu Dhabi, he could use his skills in the security field in the service of Her Highness Sheikha Maryam bint Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Nahyan, taking care of institutional assignments and personal activities at the same time, experiencing huge responsibilities too, which benefited him further on. As a matter of fact, he transferred to Dubai in 2012, where he entered MBM Group, a company owned and run by His Majesty Sheikh Mohammed bin Maktoum bin Juma Al Maktoum. Since 2006 the company is acting as a strategy consultant in respect of any business activity that yearns to expand within the UAE and the other Middle East territories, providing strategic platforms and indications of a commercial nature. Later, Federico Cervellini has earned the title of Director of Corporate Affairs: this appointment requires a deep professional commitment to work for the promotion and development of the company's business, conveyed through a constant cultivation of external relations and the promotion of the services offered by the company.

See Federico Cervellini's profile on Slideshare for further information about his career.

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